Some words...

Self-taught, independent and passionate

Hyper-jack-of-all-trades, I evolve in several fields, in particular writing, music and cinema.

Back in 2006, I am eighteen years old and I sign a contract with an editor for the publication of my collection of poems entitled “Obscur Clarté”. My very first published work! What emotions! At that time, I didn't really realize what was going on. Thank you depression ... #hpe Suddenly, I took refuge in music, browsing pop rock groups as a lyricist and singer.

In 2013, I returned to writing with "Sanatorium", a thriller that was unanimous among first readers. I am thrilled, especially since I am still not out of my turmoil. I then cling to writing and music. These two passions punctuate my days and help me cope with difficult times. I then publish several novels of various genres: Fantastic, Dystopia, Romance.

Disappointed by different publishers, I decided to learn the tricks of self-publishing. Being hyper-curious, independent and loving to learn, I embark on the adventure. I terminate my contracts with my publishers and presto! Change of direction! Enough to occupy my head and get me out of distress.

Still not abandoning music, I reviewed my priorities and headed for a new solo musical career. I took singing lessons with Sarah Manesse, in order to improve myself and gain a little confidence. #hadbeenbroken

I then joined a musical group and discovered a new passion: comedy. In June 2015, I participated in the show “3, 2, 1… Action!” from the Express Yourself Academy.

In 2016, geographic changes forced me to leave the Express Yourself academy. I then look for a new bubble of oxygen and join the Parisian school Paul Clément to take acting classes. It was more cinema oriented. Besides, I didn't tell you that I fell in love with filming when I was an extras for the Azzaro "Decibel" ad. It was an eye-opener for me! #eyesfullofstars

In 2017, I won the Landsegal Prize for my novel World War Web. I cried so much for joy! #hypersensitive

It pumped me up! After that, I couldn't stop! I continued to publish my works in self-publishing and I organized the shooting of my music video "World War Web" with Axel Billant as director. Ah, the filming! Wonderful memories! Subsequently, this music video was repeatedly awarded internationally. It was an immense satisfaction!

I also found a new vocal coach and composer: Nicolas Luciani. Together, we launched into the production of my 1st album "Rebirth" which will be released in December 2020.

What else can I say? I am very close to my readers and my community. I love meeting them at events, discussing my works or the rain and, above all, the good weather!

We all have a Phoenix in us, let's help it be reborn.


  • Nightmare - Book 1 - Le réveil (Hybride littéraire - 2020)

  • Rebirth: de la cendre au Phoenix (Autobiography / Testimony - 2019)

  • Chompers against Yum's (Youth - 2018)

  • Les Roitsy de Magara Kisi T3 (Fantastic - 2017)

  • Phantasmagoria (News - 2016)

  • Les Roitsy de Magara Kisi T2 (Fantastic - 2016)

  • World War Web - WWW (Dystopia - 2015)

  • Les Roitsy de Magara Kisi T1 (Fantastic - 2014)

  • Trafic (Romance Thriller - 2014)

  • Sanatorium (Polar - 2013)

  • Destin, Hantise, Rêves et Renaissance (Poetry - 2012)

  • Obscur Clarté (Poetry - 2006)


Cinema - Musical:

  • Filming of the " World War Web " music video (March 2018)

  • " 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Action! " - Musical - Singing, theater, dance (June 2016)

  • "OSEO" Société Générale - Advertising - Special (May 2012)

  • "Stars 80" - Feature film - Complementary actress (October 2011)

  • "Decibel" Azzaro - Advertising - Special (January 2011)


  • Finalist - Madrid Film Awards® - Clip World War Web (Mars. 2021)

  • Finalist - The Continental Film Festival - Clip World War Web (Sept. 2020)

  • Official selection - Luleå International film festival - Clip World War Web (Sept. 2020)

  • Official selection - Kosice International Monthly Film Festival - Clip World War Web (Mars. 2020)

  • Official selection - Prague International Monthly Film Festival - Clip World War Web (Mars. 2020) → Winner - 3rd Best Director Music Video

  • Official selection - The Lift-Off Sessions - Clip World War Web (Mars. 2020)

  • Semi-Finalist - Moscow Film Party - Moscow - Clip World War Web (January 2020)

  • Semi-Finalist - Catharsis International Film Festival - Russia - Clip World War Web (November 2019)

  • Semi-Finalist - Visualis International Film Festival - Saint Petersburg - Clip World War Web (October 2019)

  • Award of Excellence - Best Music Video - Vegas Movie Awards - Clip World War Web (August 2019)

  • Finalist - Eurasia International Film Festival Moscow - Clip World War Web (February 2019)

  • Honorable Mention - Asia South East-Short Film Festival - Clip World War Web (June 2018)

  • Landsegal Prize - Adult Novel - World War Web Book (April 2017)